The following articles are designed to keep you abreast of major legal news as it happens. Legal News contains recent stories about criminal law trends, recent court rulings, new bills passed by Congress, and much more. This section also features breaking stories on DUI/DWI laws and rulings around the nation.

Top Las Vegas Nevada Social Security Lawyers

Miami Program Gives Some A Second Chance

Sheriff Hopes Pink Chain Gang Will Deter DUIs

NJ Governor To Sign Law Abolishing Death Penalty

19,500 Convicted Crack Offenders Await Commission Decision

Nation’s Busiest Crime Lab Reviewed after Mistakes

Nonviolent Felons Must Submit DNA

Seized Marijuana To Be Returned to Man, Court Rules

CA Sex Offender Law Not Practical

Rape Charges Filed Against Boys Under 10

Recent Police Shooting Revives Debate Over Use of Force

Plan to Scan Irises of Sex Offenders

Officials in South Carolina Fight over Parole

Emergency E-mail System Created after Execution Controversy

Multiple Personality Disorder Cited in Murder Defense

New DNA Evidence Could Help Convicted Killer

Legal Group: Death Penalty System in U.S. Flawed

Teen Sex Offender Released After Long Legal Battle

Fingerprint Ruling May Have Broad Implications

Lubbock Defense Attorneys Help Teens with Drinking Tickets

Death Penalty Case Ends in Acquittal

Mental Evaluations On the Rise for Defendants in Maine

Consent Debate Could Impact Rape Law in Maryland

Man Challenges Trooper’s Tactic in Speeding Ticket Case

Supreme Court Halts Execution of Texas Inmate

Robbery Charges Filed After Man’s False Teeth Stolen

Sex Assault Offender Escapes Jail Time

New DUI Law Passed

Judge: Sex Offense Law Is Unconstitutional

Lawsuit Challenges Lethal Injection, Delays Execution

Sting Operations Target Prostitution on Craigslist

Defense Lawyers Appeal 12 Year Perjury Sentence

DNA Exonerates Man After Two Decades in Prison

Defense Shocks Law Enforcement with Bank Robbery Acquittal

Proposed NY Voyeurism Law “Creepy”

Teen Harassment Case Settled After Months of Debate

Louisiana Cracks Down on Drunk Drivers with Stricter DWI Laws

Local Lawmakers Consider Ban on “Sagging Pants”

Massachusetts Legislators To Review Criminal Fine Laws

Attorney Employs Unique Strategy in Sexual Assault Case

Kansas Senator Wants Prison Time For Repeat Offenders

Georgia Justices Hear Appeal to Reduce Teen Sex Sentence

Racial Disparity in U.S. Jails

Harsher DUI Law Passed In Hawaii

Man Spared Jail Time at Parishioners Request

Calif. Wrongful Conviction Legislation Advances

“Stand Your Ground” Laws Cause Confusion for Some

New Colorado Law Impedes Defense

Good-Time Credits Poise Some Inmates for Earlier Release

Study Shows Income Gap in Criminal Justice System

ID Thieves Using Scam on Military Families

Priest Charged with DUI in Texas Crash

Duke Lacrosse Players Seek Criminal Charges Against Disbarred Prosecutor

Arizona Legislators Seek Repeal of Tougher New DUI Law

Supreme Court To Review Sentencing For Crack, Cocaine Charges

Judge: Law Can’t Retroactively Punish Sex Offenders

Judge Extends Death Penalty Moratorium in CA

Sex Offenders May Have To Provide E-mail Address

Exonerated Man Gets $5M After Serving 18 Years in Prison

New Jersey Legislators Consider Banning Death Penalty

New York Governor Pushes for Expanding DNA Database

Defense Attorneys Concerned About Proposed Law Changes

Forensic Errors Often Contribute to Wrongful Convictions

Legislators in New York Target Gang Recruiters

New Bill Could Mean Stricter DUI Penalties

Lawyers: Child Pornography Charges Difficult to Defend

Study Scrutinizes Lethal Injection Method

Critics Say Odd Criminal Bills Taking Regulation Too Far

Jail Guards Charged With Attacking Inmates

Sexual Assault Charges in Duke Case Dropped

Judge Urges DNA Exoneration in Mistaken Identity Case

Fl. Law Pushes Sex Offenders Outside

IL Lawmakers Cracking Down on Drunk Driving

Man Wrongly Convicted of a Carjacking Freed From Prison

Stricter DUI Law May Strain Jails

Legal Tactics Debate Prompted By Lawyer’s Trick

Ohio Inmate’s Execution Blocked by Supreme Court

7-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Riding Off-Road Bike on Sidewalk

New Programs Reduce Juvenile Crime

Study: Big-City Murder Up 10% Since 2004

Defense Attorney’s Arrest Raises Questions About Law

Brain Scan Machines Show Crime-Fighting Promise

Judge Won’t Stop Defendant From Coloring at Murder Trial

More Executioner Training Needed, Florida Panel Advises

Police Officer Who Tickets Himself is Praised

Military Accepting Recruits With Criminal Records

North Dakota “Shoot the Burglar” Law Advances

10-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Attacking Woman in Store

Law to Bar iPods When Crossing Street in New York

Mom Arrested After Son Mauled by Pit Bull

DNA Testing of Dog Hair Permitted in Atlanta Slayings Case

Man Sentenced to Death in New York—First Since 1954

2 Executions Halted Until NC Approves New Role of Doctors

CA Criminal Sentencing Law Struck Down

CA Justices Rule Car Theft Cause For Deportation

Ex-Prisoners Face Higher Death Rate Than Current Inmates

New Orleans Mayor to Solve Street Violence Problems

Traffic Camera Appeal Considered by IA Supreme Court

New Jersey Urged to Abolish Death Penalty

Rate of Domestic Violence Dramatically Drops

Mother Sues Police for Alleged Harassment

Florida Executions Suspended

Violent Crime on Rise in U.S., FBI Data Finds

Two States Propose to Tighten Sex Offender Oversight

Mom Gets Son Arrested For Playing With Christmas Present Early

Man Wrongfully Convicted of Rape is Released After DNA Testing

Statistics Show 7 Million Americans in Jail, on Parole, or Probation

Video Cameras to be Installed in L.A. Police Cars

New CA Ruling on Transport of Medicinal Marijuana

Elderly Man to Receive Sentencing in Car Crash Deaths

Mile High Man Charged With ‘Overt Sexual Activity’ On Plane

Judge Stays Firm About His Decision in Sex Offender Case

New Sex Offender Rules in Calif. Blocked by Judge

Death Row Inmates Often Get Sedatives to Ease Anxiety

Court Rules Defendants Must Prove Retardation to Avoid Death Penalty

Justifying Use of Deadly Force Difficult for Shooter

Judge Upholds Ruling: Lethal Injection Procedure Unconstitutional

Mom Charged With Recklessness After Daughter’s Belly Piercing Infection

Ga. Sex Offender Law Challenged

Woman Charged With Riding Horse Drunk

Police Beating Victim Gets $450,000 Settlement

Boy Seeks New Trial in Antidepressant Murder Case

Judge Denies Gag Order in Dragging-Death Case

Hearing to Determine if CA Lethal Injection Method Painful

Former Black Panther Seeks New Trial After 30 Years

Murdered Inmate’s Family Awarded $47.5 M for Wrongful Death

FBI Releases Safety Statistics of Big U.S. Cities

Judge Rules Teen Unfit For Rape Trial

Prison Health Care Chief Recommends Doctor, Nurse Salary Increases

Murder Verdict Upheld Despite Noncitizen Juror

Flashlight Search Violated Man’s Rights, Court Rules

Study Reveals Number of Mentally Ill Prisoners Quadrupled

New Lethal Injection Procedure Used to Execute U.S. Inmate

Mother’s Conviction Overturned in Son’s Suicide

Ankle Device to Monitor Alcohol Intake in DUI Offenders

NJ High Court Rules Hypnotically Recalled Memories Unreliable

Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Drunk Drivers

Panel Recommends Inmates for Drug Trials

State Seeks More Compensation For Wrongful Imprisonment

Execution Practice Not Humane, According to Judge

Mother Acquitted in Retrial For Murdering Son

Muslim Inmate Can Sue Prison Staff, Court Rules

Colo. Judge Rules: Inmate Shackling Not Reasonable

Drug Program Urged for Jailed Addicts

Prosecutors Seek to Limit Gay Panic Defenses

Judge Halts Murder Trial Due to Problems With Jury Selection

Family Sues for $40M Over Son’s Boot Camp Death

New Arrests Expand DNA Profile Database

‘Robotic’ Sentencing Upsets Appellate Court

Man Cleared of Wrongful Rape Conviction After Two Decades in Prison

NY State Criminal Defense System In Need of Overhaul

Ohio Innocence Project Fights for Wrongly Convicted Inmates

Supreme Court Upholds Kansas Death Penalty Law

Judge Orders New Trial for Convicted Child Molester

U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against Arousal Test for Convicted Sex Offender

Wrongful Conviction Suit Settled by Freed Ex-Lifer

Supreme Court Rules Police Don’t Have to Knock

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of New Evidence in Death Case

Supreme Court Okays Lethal Injection Claims

Increase in Violent Crimes, FBI Reports

Convicted Serial Killer Appeals Death Penalty

Sanity of Death Row Inmate Debated

Judge Rules Sex Offender Too Short for Prison

Court Overturns Inmate’s Conviction

Number of Inmates in Jails and Prisons Rises

Sex Offender Ordered to Alert Date’s Parents

Inmate Acquitted After 10 Years by DNA

Inmate Seeks Reprieve From Execution for More DNA Tests

North Carolina Execution Stopped for Additional DNA Testing

Questions Raised About Possible Errors in Arson Convictions

Family Awarded $4 M Settlement in Mich. Wrongful Conviction

Senate Cracks Down on Sex Offenders

Man Freed After 18 Years Due to DNA Testing

Florida Shuts Down Boot Camps After Death of Teenager

Supreme Court Justices Debate Method of Execution

Sex Offender Registry Laws May Cause More Harm Than Good

Man Convicted of Young Girl’s Murder

Supreme Court to Consider Insanity Plea

Authorities Seek to Restrict Prisoner’s Communication Rights

Senate to Protect Groups that Help Immigrants

Indiana Expands Right to Use Deadly Force

Supreme Court Rules on Searches

Expanding DNA Collections

Judiciary Debate over Sentencing Guidelines

Feds Investigate Teen Death at Boot Camp

DUI Defense Challenges Breathalyzer

DNA Tests May Exonerate Convicted Man

Two Arrests Made For Arson

Man Drives Car Into Students

Assault Charges Puts Probation In Jeopardy

Teen Pleads Guilty in Robbery

Harmful Techniques Still Used in Boot Camps

Arrest For Drunk Driving and Child Neglect

Connecticut Police Officer Charged With Drunk Driving

Lethal Injection Sparks Controversy

Sex Assault Lands Man in Prison

Prison Sentence For Road Rage

Unlicensed Doctor Charged with Practicing Medicine

Air Marshals Arrested for Drug Smuggling

Man Sentenced 30 Years for Attempted Murder

Ignition Interlock Devices Proposed in Nebraska

Death Penalty Sentenced in Case of Murdered Officer

Hate Crime: Man Attacks Gay Bar Patrons

Seven Killed in California Postal Shootings

Student Group Sues to Expose Impact of Drug Law

Proposed Laws: Tough on Sex Offenders and Juveniles

States Push for Tougher DUI breath tests

New DUI Law Makes Spectacle of Offenders

Another Teen Charged in Homeless Beatings

Video Catches Beating of Homeless: Suspects Caught

Child’s Death is Latest in String of Child

Concealed Weapons Laws Change in Nevada

Disabled Prisoner May Sue State for Abuses

Hit-and-Run Case May Get Thrown Out of Court

Criminal Accusations at Wal-Mart Provoke Rage and Possible Lawsuit

Rhode Island Votes for Medical Marijuana

Arizona DUI Limits Likely to Change

DUI Checkpoints Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

Lawsuit Filed in False Arrest

DUI Breath Tests May be Unconstitutional

New Arizona Child Abuse Law

Ohio Priest Child Abuse Laws to Change

PA Domestic Abuse Laws to Change in 2006

Colorado DWI Arrests on the Rise

New Jersey DUI Test May be Faulty, Investigation Begins

Illegal Immigrants Become Felons Under a New Bill

US Supreme Court Considers Death Penalty

Doctors Don’t Document Domestic Abuse

OB-GYN Found Guilty of Sex Crimes

Indicted Brooklyn judge teaches criminal justice at community college

HI Criminal Records Available on Web

Virginia Judge Calls DUI Law Unconstitutional

Washington D.C. Mayor to Sign Emergency DUI Law